Daffodil Programs

The American Daffodil Society has developed a variety of  beautiful and useful programs and made these available for public use for free.  These programs are perfect to present at your next daffodil society or garden club meeting.  If you prefer, CDs/DVDs copies of these programs can be purchased from the ADS Webstore.

DaffTube.org – Free Daffodil Programs

Informative and beautiful PowerPoint-based  programs can be found and downloaded for free from the American Daffodil Society website DaffTube.org. These programs are sponsored by the American Daffodil Society and have a wide audience range.  For example, the  “Let’s Grow Daffodils” program under the “Growing” menu is a nice introductory program to daffodils for audiences such as garden clubs and horticulture groups.   The program “Prevention and Disease Management” under the “Growing” menu is geared more towards large daffodil growers and biologists.

A selection of these programs are designated as ADS Judges Refresher Courses if presented by an approved Accredited Judges Instructor.

To protect the content, these programs were converted into PDF files and they behave much like a PowerPoint presentation when started.